Arrived Safe And Sound

The sun is shining and its lovely to be with family altho sad to leave kids and grandkids.

Flight was pretty average on a real old plane that let the cold air in. Two ppl didn’t show for the flight so we had to wait for 20 minutes while they off loaded there luggage which put us at the end of the arrivals que. Got to my sister Diane’s at 1.30am.

Today is perfect weather and I’ve been helping Di & Ray move their office: earned my keep 🙂

Am now off to my Mum’s place so will report tomorrow


3 thoughts on “Arrived Safe And Sound”

  1. Hey Dad,

    Shame about the flight over, after using emirates last time I don’t think I’d ever fly with anyone else, they were fantastic.

    It’s absolutely scorching over here today 37c! Dylan has been whingy all day and hasn’t slept much, oh well.

    Say hi to everyone for us!



  2. Hi Dad,

    An uncomfortable flight is never the best, nor is arriving at your destination at 1:30am!

    Enjoy your trip Dad and say hello to Gran and everyone there!



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