Ready To Travel

Tomorrow morning at 5am we’ll be hitting the road. The idea is to get through Auckland’s ridiculous early morning traffic before it gets to bad.

Norma’s keen to do some whitewater rafting so we need to be at Rotorua by midday – shouldn’t be a problem.

We spent the day getting the motorhome ready and shopping for all the stuff we’ll need.

Had my nephew Aran and his fiance Cory for dinner tonight.

I probably wont get to post again before Saturday by which time we’ll be in Blenheim at my cousin Peter’s place.



2 thoughts on “Ready To Travel”

  1. Hey Dad,

    Have a safe trip tomorrow and are you sure Mum is the one who can’t wait to go whitewater rafting?? Anyway you should both love it, the 7 meter fall at the end is awesome.



  2. Hi Guys

    Great to hear your off on an NZ adventure – hope you have a great time, and we expect to be invited to the “slide nite” when the weary travellers return home.

    Take care – we’ll read on as you blog it.



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