Days 4 & 5 – Blenheim, Queens Charlotte Sound

What a fantastic place of the world.

On Saturday we had a great crossing of Cook Strait, virtually calm. It’s only a 3 hour trip.

After arriving in Picton, at the head of the Queens Charlotte Sound, we headed for Blenhein (27klms) and dropped in at my Dad’s brother’s wife, Joan. She took us through to Havelock to a Mussel festival (the second biggest industry in this part of the world apart from wine making, Marlborough wines are world famous apparently). Anyway, the mussel festival was really good with lots of free mussels.

From there we drove over the most wonderful twisty road to Picton and visited a cousin at the family batch (holiday house) which is literally right over the water at a place called Waikawa Bay in the Sounds. Spectacular views. From there it was back to Blenheim.

My other cousin, Peter, then arrived and we came around to his lovely place.

Yesterday (Sunday) we took there second ski boat back out to Picton and motored around to a delightful bay for a day of pinicing and skiing. Absolutley lovley.


I even got up on a knee board.


What a great day. Home for a barbque and chatted into the evening.

So today is another day and day 6 of our travels. We head off from here soon for Nelson and the West Coast.



2 thoughts on “Days 4 & 5 – Blenheim, Queens Charlotte Sound”

  1. Looks like your having a great time Larry bloody hot here every day in the 30s + the chinese night went well everyone had a great time see pics.
    The weerama parade went of like a charm except I dropped the Nomad
    in the middle (very embarresing ) my fault though silly me only damage was to the crash bars but it’s only cosmetic thankfully.
    Drive safe you 2 see you in a few weeks.


  2. Wow, some people have all the luck 🙂

    Glad to hear you are having a great time, man I wish I was there! We had a good day yesterday, everything went well.

    Catch ya later!


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