Day 8 – Wednesday – To Greymouth

Headed for Westport along the Buller River Gorge. Absolutely stunning scenery. These falls are on a side stream and were created during and earthquake about 80 years ago.


Visited the longest swingbridge in NZ as well, and Norma wasn’t even scared.


Lunched at Westport which is a town at the mouth of the Buller River then followed the coast south towards Greymouth stopping at various sights on the way in cluding the Pancake Rocks.


We’re now camped at a Park Over Property in Greymouth which is another town at the mouth of a river. This place has showers and everything but costs $15 which is the first time we’ve paid for camping since starting.

Here’s where we’ve been today and are staying tonight:




2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Wednesday – To Greymouth”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time Dad.

    You know, it’s only like 700kms from Greymouth to Invercargill – you better slow down or you’ll have done the whole island and still have plenty of days left on your holiday!!


  2. NZ really is a beautiful country. I’d love to take a trek around one day and now I can simply do the route you’re taking!


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