Day 14 – To Queenstown

Well another perfect day. It started out good anyway until about 10 ks down the road to Queenstown the alternator snapped its bracket, shredded its belt and would have fallen on the road if not for the cabling 😦  I know I mentioned all this yesterday but bear with me.
It took me just a little while to figure the problem, then I disconnected it all and we headed for Queenstown where it was a public holiday so nothing was open; where was my mate Russell when I needed him :))

So there was nothing for it but to do the tourist thing , which we thorougly enjoyed. It certainly is a beautiful place albeit FULL of foreigners including a coupla Aussies.
We did the Bob’s Peak Gondola thing which really spectacular

bobs-peak-1.jpg   queenstown-2.jpg

 and the Luge thing. Managed to get out in front and had a ball – satisfied my twisties crave for a while anyway.

Then we just lazed around town looking for batteries for the digital – should have bought the recharger because 2 sets of my rechargeables aren’t any good.
Camped out at Lake Wakatipu for the night.

We’ll head back into town early and visit a couple of engineering shops I’ve scoped out..


2 thoughts on “Day 14 – To Queenstown”

  1. Tell us about the luge! How did that work??

    What amazing scenery! The picture of queenstown is spectacular.

    Oh let mum know that the bombers beat kangaroos by about 50 points 🙂 Or did I already tell you that?


  2. The Luge. A bit like a plastic moulded billy cart that has a steering/braking/go arm. It can get up to decent speeds if you’re game, and I am. Follows a track twisting and turning down a decentg hill. Lotta fun.
    I’ll tell Mum about the Bombers


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