Day 15 – Glenorchy

Up early and back into town to the engineering shop and they were etremely helpful. Bracket would be ready in the afternoon.
So we headed for Glenorchy along Lake Whakatipu with The Remarkables in all their glorious splendour – they would have looked spectacular veiled in snow.


From Glenorchy we kept going as far as vehicles can go over gravel roads and through some lovely Beech forests. We then did a bit of a hike up through the pure native forest


This was straight out of ‘The Lord of The Rings’, altho we didn’t see any Ents.


The photoes dont do it justice, in fact none of them do because they don’t portray just how close everything is, like it feels like you could reach out and touch the mountains.

remarkables-4.jpg   remarkables-5.jpg

Then it was back into Queenstown to pick up the bracket which I had fitted by 4.30pm and so we did a bit of shopping and headed south for Kingston at the head of Lake Wakatipu where we camped at the railway station of the Kingston Flyer which used to travel from here to Bluff but is now merely a tourist steam train that only travels 20klms down what’s left of the line.


Here’s where we’ve been today and are staying tonight:



2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Glenorchy”

  1. That is one thing I couldn’t get over when I was in south island back in 2001. The terrain is just so extreme. There are no rollicking rolling hill, it’s all mini jagged mountains. Plus the greeness and rivers all over the place.

    I’d been thinking of going south next year when we head over for the wedding. Will have to see.


  2. I open this every day Larry and get more envious every time mate the pics are magnificent any chance of a slide show at the RSL when you return.
    Next year for sure I am starting to save from now on amazing the sites etc that are virtualy in our back yard so to speak.
    Take care both of you.


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