Day 20 – To Dunedin

Up early and on our way. We followed the coast a lot today with some of the road being gravel. We didn’t hand around a lot because it turns out the alternator is dead so we need to get that fixed.
We did stop at a couple of places: this lake which I can’t remember its name, ‘very pretty lake’ we’ll call it. Got to it by walking through same lovely native forest.


Also stopped here, at Nugget Point. Quite an amazing view. The panorama doesn’t really do it justice. There’s lots of seals and other ugly sea life down on those rocks.


This Valley Vista looked quite remakable as well.


Passing through Balcluthe we stopped for some reason or another and it just happened to be outside an auto electrician. Alternator was very dead and battery was close to expiring. We managed to resurrect the battery but alternator was toast so $380 and 4 hours later we were on our way with full electrics. This was the 12volt system that died, the truck itself is 24volts and has a different alternator.
So onto Outram which is only 20klms or so from Dunedin. We’re free parking at some remote reserve and it sounds like Jurasic Park out there. I’ve assured Norma that I’ll save her 🙂
Tomorrow its on to Dunedin.



2 thoughts on “Day 20 – To Dunedin”

  1. are you stopping to eat over there your looking pretty fit and healthy you look like you could run up half of those little hills


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