Day 21 – Dunedin Balclutha Clydevale

Another glorious day after a cold night, but the darn alternator has packed it in again 😦
So its into Dunedin for the day to do a bit of the tourist thing. What a lovely city. Visited a museum and just managed to stop Norma from pinching this bike 🙂 She was muttering something about generating electricity to power her hair dryer.


Also, here’s one for the Wozza and the rest of the hog boys (can anyone tell me why they call them Hogs?)


Then wondered around town for a while, visited the Railway Station where the Sports Hall Of Fame is. It was great to browse around the Hall of Fame and revisiting old glories:


before it started raining so went for a  run out the Otago Peninsular before heading back for Balclutha to get the new alternator rebuilt. New rectifier or something and she was good to go so we headed for Clydevale and free parked on the edge of the Clutha River. I got up during the night and noticed the river was rising so we got out of there before we were in command of a boat.
This is where Clydevale is – its just a pub and a bridge.



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