Day 23 – Mt Cook, Tekapo, Geraldin, Mt Hutt, Sheffield

A crisp clear dawn and this was the view from the van window. Pretty amazing.


Took another couple of early morning shots on the way out as well.

mt-cook-and-range-am.jpg  mt-cook-from-afar.jpg

We continued on to Lake TeKapo and visited the Observatory which is on top of a really high hill (it’d be a mountain in Oz) which is in the middle of a VAST plain surrounded by really high mountains; quite a spectacular view for 360 degrees.
On through Fairlie, Geraldine and Mt Hutt stopping along the way for morning tea, lunch and any other excuse.
Norma had a go at driving for about 60klms between Geraldine and Mt Hutt, which was quite an experience for all aboard 🙂
We have stopped at a Park Over Property in Sheffield for the night.



One thought on “Day 23 – Mt Cook, Tekapo, Geraldin, Mt Hutt, Sheffield”

  1. Beautiful Dad – wish I was there! Can you believe it’s been almost a month since you left for NZ?

    Looking forward to seeing you back home, though I’m not too sure how eager you are to get back! 😉


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