Day 24 – Mt Cook, Hamner Springs, Kaiapoi

Reasonably early start today – 8am haha. Out through Oxford and Rangiora where the truth was revealed that Kiwis still drive some really old vehicles; these things, and a couple more, were belching smoke and spitting sparks and holding up the traffic, which is what a lot of the cars over here still do :)) Sorry to all the the Kiwis reading this.


Continued on after a couple of stops up to Hamner Hot Springs and had a bit of a soak for about an hour before heading back towards Christchurch.
We stopped at the Waiau River Gorge for a late lunch: another one of my panoramas here. There’s bungy jumping from the bridge, jet boating up the gorge from under the bridge, clay bird shooting just to the right of the bridge on the river flat, a sheep dog trial course in the middle of the shot then it stretches away into the foothills of the southern alps.

A bit further along came across this rock formation called ‘Frog Rock’ and couldn’t resist the temptation – just for you ‘Froggy’ if you’re reading this.

We stopped at Kaiapoi for the night, which is about 20klms on the northern side of Christchurch.
If you’re wondering why we’re pushing it along and doing a bit of a circuit route its because we have a chance of selling the motor home in Christchurch on Sunday, so we’re trying to get to see as much as possible before that.



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