Day 27 – Christchurch

Well its been quite an eventful day today, altho we haven’t been anywhere.
We are now part of the great unwashed homeless throng. That’s right, the van is sold. Packed all our gear last night and handed it over mid morning. Photo of us packed and waiting for new owners and also picture of proud and happy new owners. A good outcome for all.


So we’ve moved into a Back Packers right in the heart of beautiful but wet Christchurch for the next 3 nights.
I mentioned yesterday about Cathedral Junction and John Britten. Well we found his company offices just around the corner this afternoon. Quite fascinating for someone into bikes with a difference – I ride an Italian bike, a Moto Guzzi, for those who don’t know.
There’s not to many people can say they’ve sat on one of these legendary bikes, so:


Oh, and I bought the T Shirt which is also a 1st for me. There’s a heap of Britten bike stuff here including the 600cc 75bhp single cylinder motor that he was developing at his death in 1995; now that would have been some motor.



2 thoughts on “Day 27 – Christchurch”

  1. Well hello there, homeless people, have you found a bridge to sleep under yet??

    So, the great adventure tour of the South Island of NZ ends (in the motorhome) but I guess it still continues in another form of transportation?

    What happens now for your journey?


  2. Haha. We’re booked into a BackPackers in the middle of ChCh until Thursday morning. The plan is to pick up another motorhome and do a ‘relocation’ of it to Auckland. We pay for our personal ferry crossing, $5 a day and our fuel. We have 4 days and 3 nighyts to do it in. Cost will actually be cheaper than taking our own van home.


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