Day 2 – Vianen, Holland to Opglabbeek, Belgium

Breakfast with our delightful AirBnB  hostess and we were on the road.

Along the dike walls again with pleasant views either side.

The sheep are “Oh how sweet, take a photo for the Grandkids” Poor things had been severely fly blown.

On to Teo Lamers in Nijmegen to get a refund for a part I’d bought off eBay which ended up being the wrong part. Wils was extremely helpful and gave us the grand tour. He’s expecting 40 Guzzisti in from Australia in the coming weeks – 2 container loads of Guzzis. All heading for the 95th birthday party of the Moto Guzzi motorcycle.


South towards Belgium with a stop for lunch in this little village called Grave. Rolls, ham cheese and tomato. Yeah! With a coffee chaser in the local pub.

The day was turning into a scorcher and by the time we arrived at our AirBnB in Opglabbeek it was 32c. They don’t do AirCon in these parts so we went and did an extended shop at the local supermarket – took us a long time to by tomorrow’s breakfast.

Day 2 Opglabbeek


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