Day 4 – Cochem Layday, and Day 5 – Luxembourg

Day 4 was Thursday I think, and Norma’s journal informs me it was the 21st July. Anyway somewhere around then.

Day 4 was a Layday, so we wandered into the town of Cochem which is so typically traditional German. I mean I know we’re in Germany but this is like being transported back 100 years, apart from the tourists. Tourists are so annoying, they’re everywhere and mostly old with cameras and in big groups, pointing and taking photos while their guides try and hustle them along so they, the guides, can pick up their next group of tourists.

Tourists, they’re everywhere. But I can understand why. Cochem certainly is pretty and traditional and quaint and NOT to be missed if you’re a tourist. Which, of course, is why we’re there 🙂


I mentioned our camp ground in a previous post. Here are some pics of our outlook. Picture postcard apart from the trains that travel in a never ending procession on the dual track across the river. And there are just about as many barges and tourist cruise vessels and some of those are really big.

We then took one of those many trains that travel like clockwork to Koblenz. Following the Moselle River as it snakes up the narrow valley. Koblenz is quite a decent sized place so we wandered around and had some lunch and found a Maccas to update the Blog from yesterday or the day before, depending on which tense it should be. My son Bronson would be able to tell me.

There’s a Spider Man in there somewhere. That’s for Dylan and Ethan and Harrison from Gran 🙂

So that was our layday.

Onto Luxembourg

Day 5 and it’s rained last night so the tent is damp as we depitch it. It’s also overcast and cloud down to below the hill tops. On the road by 7.30 to travel up the Moselle River valley through some absolutely lovely villages and scenery and endless vineyards. Seriously, non stop for 110klms on either side of the valley interspersed with these amazing villages that don’t seem to have changed in 100 years. The same 100 years as previously mentioned.

The ducks with protected chicks are for Joelle, Dylan, Ethan, Georgia and Harrison – from Gran 🙂

Came across the bridge under construction. It’s huge and was just below the cloud line when we first saw it. This was taken from a roadside market place a little later.


So to Luxembourg. we did the tourist thing. Hop on Hop off bus tour which was mostly about the EU. Now I know this comment is going to upset the Non Brexit amongst us but there’s just something that’s not kosher about this. I thought Brussels was supposed to be where the EU sits. Well there’s a whole city here in Luxembourg that is devoted to massive and ornate buildings (I took no photos) where 10s of thousands of bureaucrats beaver away at whatever it is that bureaucrats beaver away at, mainly nothing. Yeah yeah, I know I’m old and come from the other side of the world, but I got the impression this is just one massive tail shaking an ever emancipating dog. Luxembourg has 526,000 people in it and yet is supposed to be the richest country in Europe, how does that work? Anyway enough on that.

Cochem to Luxembourg 181klms

Day 4 Luxembourg


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