Days 10 & 11 – Fussen Germany

Yesterday 27th July was a Wednesday I think. We had a hearty breakfast and paid the bill at our B&B which had been very nice.

B&B Redegg

Filled up with fuel and proceeded to ride through mile upon mile of classic German countryside. It never seems to change, and it never ever loses its appeal. We stopped at Lake Konstantine or Bodensee.


And on through more of this


To this little bakery on a side road that was flat out. Morning tea was the usual, but with good coffee this time.


We bought some rolls, cheese, ham and the most delicious bocconcini ever and rode on through this.


Before stopping at a roadside bench seat to eat our lunch overlooking this.


I’d set TomTom Mobile Go for my Android to an ‘Alternative Route’ and then I’d selected even more remote roads so we were way off the main roads and with very little traffic.

Scenery like these

And so onto Fussen. 215k for the day. Arrived at our hotel and had a siesta as is becoming the norm 🙂

Day 7 Fussen

Fussen is only 5k north of the Austrian border. Read about it here

It’s not a large place with only some 15,000 population but its main attraction apart from the fantastic scenery and winter snow fields, is that it’s the home of the quintessential castle to beat all castles in this day of pintrest and social media. Mad Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle from which Disney took his famous image.

Ludwigs Castle

OK it’s pretty obvious I never took that one, but I did take these on our battle through the tourist traffic.


We visited the falls outside of town as well. Less tourists.

So right now we’re sitting at a little outside cafe in Fussen, Norma’s reading a Kindle Old Romantic novel and I’m enduring weak coffee 🙂 Beautiful buildings tho.


3 thoughts on “Days 10 & 11 – Fussen Germany”

  1. Hi guys. Now following your blog. Just returned from France and Channel Islands on boat. Too much coffee is bad for you! We drink waTer when biking then less pee breaks and dehydration. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. Have you bought the Lederhausen trousers Larry? You can then dance around slapping your thighs and yodel? It will keep Norma amused! Try the wienerschnitzel it’s wonderful in Germany. Phil and Jill


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