Day 14 – Radstadt to Hallstatt, Austria


Looking pretty as a picture up here on this beautiful day in the Austrian Alps.

I enjoyed the ride down the mountain which was no big deal. Norma enjoyed her walk as well 🙂

Then we rode through more of this and these. There are bridges everywhere.

And for those of you who haven’t ventured through these parts and think I’m taking pics of the occasional quaint traditional Bavarian building, I’m not. They all look like that. The ones above are just the cheaper ones, but mainly they’re the full blown, full on deal.

More mountains. And these are the highest in Austria. They may not look like much in the pics but they put the Remarkables around Queenstown NZ in the shade. Sorry Kiwis, but they do – and there’s 100s of kilometers of this stuff. We ride around a corner and “WOW, look at that!” Truly remarkable.



So to Hallstatt to another layday. More on that later.


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