Day 15 – Tourists in Hallstatt

Hallstatt seems to be tourist destination of choice for literally millions of Chinese. Why?

Hallstatt (China) – From Wikipedia

Hallstatt in China is a housing development in the town Luoyang, Boluo County, in China. It is modelled after the Austrian city Hallstatt. The area was built by the mining company China Minmetals. The flats in the area are mostly still in construction and are for sale. The center of the area contains a replica of the church, the fountain and various other objects from the original Hallstatt.

Looking outside our hotel window this morning it looked like this:


But by 9am in the pouring rain this is what it looks like. And all of them want to get the photo in front of the monument. Good for them I say.

That’s our hotel window 2nd floor of the red building across the way. I’m sitting there right now, so give me a wave.


So we did the tourist thing with the rest of the tourists, because I guess we’re tourists after all. Or are we merely sight seers. These taken from a cruise around the southern end of the lake. We met a delightful Dutch couple.

And these from our wander around town. Not that there’s much of it. Lovely anyway.

The iconic church steeple seen in all Hallstatt pics is right next to our hotel. It’s a Protestant Church with roots going right back to Luther’s reforms. It has a very interesting history including that of much persecution. We went in and had a look.

Tomorrow it’s on to Melk and then Vienna.


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