Day 16 – Melk and the Danube River

We left the mountains and entered the land of harvest and castles, monasteries, and churches. Pretty much around every corner it would be ‘Wow, look at that thing, oh, there’s another one’. Far more than we photographed, and many in ruins.

Oh look, there’s more.

And just to disallusion the romantics, the Danube is a beautiful shade of Yarra River Brown. This was our first sighting where we stopped for the obligatory brew and rolls.


And so onto Melk which welcomed us with this “WOW, look at the size of that thing’ from across the fields as we approached the town which is hidden below this great monstrosity on the banks of the Danube.

Read about it here:


It is without doubt a mighty building in way of artistic beauty. It’s huge and opulent, and majestic and magnificent, and ghastly really considering it’s meant to impress God with man’s devoutness and worship. I was at a loss, because I was wondering at just how many thousands of good people slaved and sacrificed to build that thing with the promise of salvation and it meant nothing to God. Really. Don’t get me going !! 🙂

Our room with a view was directly under the walls. It’s just to the left and below the letter ‘C’ in Cafe. Lovely.

220 kilometers for the day.

Day 11 Melk 220k


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