Days 17 and 18 – Vienna, Austria

We travelled yet again along the Danube and through the summer harvest with tractors, really big tractors everywhere. Hope you like corn.

We climbed a steep hill and visited this church:

Nothing too special on the outside compared to most but the inside was something else. They certainly do it grand in these parts. In this cluster of pics there’s one of the little village that is overshadowed by this monument to man’s attempt at pleasing God.

We crossed the Danube by ferry – have to do that.

And arrived in Vienna. If you want to see magnificent buildings on a GRAND scale, you’ve got to come to Vienna. They’re everywhere, not just a few, but everywhere. And steeples are the order of the day – mine’s bigger than your’s.

We did our usual tourist Hop On Hop Off bus trip around the city. Twice. Once on each side just to see it all.

A couple of final pics.One shows a horse drawn carriage. There are literally dozens carting tourists around who are richer than we are. The other is of a remnant flak tower from the defence of Vienna during WW2. The walls of that thing are 3m thick and it’s huge, it’s a good 1000 mtrs from where I took the pic. Didn’t stop the Russians tho. The final one is looking up at our hotel room window – 3rd from the left on the 1st floor. Another nice room right in the center of town once again. Guzzi is in the foreground.

Easy run yesterday in to Vienna, only 115k. We liked Vienna. We walked around and around and never ceased to wonder at the number of outdoor restaurants and eateries, and amazing buildings and incredible architecture of old.

Day 12 Vienna 115k


5 thoughts on “Days 17 and 18 – Vienna, Austria”

    1. Oh boy, 3 degrees. It’s going to get to 30c here but with the possibility of rain as we had south for Zagreb 😦 All is going well Craig. I’ll pass Chris’s message.


  1. Just left Zagreb. The old town is worth a look.. A demonstration and bit of unrest in the square between the Serbs and Croations but nothing to worry about…ride safe .. Enjoying your blogs


  2. Thanks Phil. We rode down through Austria into Hungary and back into Austria then onto Slovenia and into Croatia where we got stopped at border control and passports checked and stamped. First time in the trip so far.
    We stopped and had a coffee for you πŸ™‚
    Croatia today is as dead as because it’s a public holiday celebrating Victory Day. 20 years since end of hostilities. Hence the standoff between the Croats and Serbs.
    Loving your blog mate.


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