Day 36 – San Marino

We left the beautiful Castelluccio after another hearty breakfast with the intent of being in San Marino nice and early to do some shopping. We went down and down to the valleys below, passing through the usual idyllic countryside interspersed with small and bigger towns.

Everything was going sweetly until we were leaving Cagli some 150ks into the 210k journey. My phone rang, it was the owner of the hotel in Castelluccio, “Mr Blackmore you have left your laptop computer here”. That is such annoying news.

There’s always a solution so we turned around and went back into Cagli to a friendly looking servo, off loaded all the luggage including the pillion and I headed back to collect my wayward computer. There’s always an upside, in this case the fact that I beat TomTom’s estimated arrival time by 35 minutes – both ways 🙂 it was a spirited ride there and back.

We continued onto San Marino through some truly remarkable country as we entered the Republic. Ploughing was in full swing and we seemed to be going up forever with amazing views out to the coast and back to the mountains behind.

Needless to say shopping in San Marino didn’t happen 😦 We visited the mountain top fortress and took the required photos.

For me it was a 550k day. I slept well.

Day 24 San Marino A 210k




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