Day 39 – The Dolomites

Today was all about the view. Once again totally spectacular and my little Canon S8000 doesn’t do any of it justice. I really need a 3D camera 🙂

We did the toll road for the first 80ks then pretty much stuck to the A roads, in this case S51. We took a right instead of a left in the middle of Cortina and had no end of fun untangling ourselves from their one way system.

The rest of the ride was the usual oohs and aahs and look at that, interspersed with a couple of “Heck this is a seriously sharp switchback, I hope nothing’s coming the other way”. These are the sharpest we’ve encountered so far..

More rock from Cortina to our digs at Moena.

Another beautiful day in Italy. We covered 230k.

Day 26 Moena 230k

Tomorrow it’s Stelvio Pass – woohoo.


3 thoughts on “Day 39 – The Dolomites”

  1. L&N, I was only in Europe for 3.5 weeks (6000k), so you’d know better than me, but there was nothing that impressed me more than the Dolomites, only saw some of the area, but it was all truly awesome. Sept 12, 13 in the western side, similar routes the two above in the Stelio post, with Aaron Murray. Sept 17, 18, 19, riding Treviso, Feltree, Chiusa,(in bremmer valley) then through and beyond Cavalese in the eastern Dolomite on our rest day (panniers off) with Aaron Murray & Paul Wise. Images can never do it justice, thanks for your efforts non the less, how can the winding, climbing and descending ribbons of bitumen, dissecting wondrously lush green valleys, crowned by staggering granite like mastiffs be captured in a mere image. Nothing else I saw impressed me as much.


    1. I’d have to agree on terms of pure spectacular scenery Craig. We’ve also experienced regions and places that have captured the soul, and others that have massaged our emotions, but for breath taking and attention grabbing scenery the Dolomites take the cake. Not to mention the freak out corners on a fully loaded Stelvio 🙂 Today is our last ride day. Crate the bike tomorrow. It’s been an amazing time for us.


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