Days 40 & 41 – To Stelvio Pass and Lakes District

Yesterday, Friday 26th of August we left the beautiful town of Moena with it’s mirror of Austria and headed west toward Stelvio Pass.


The day turned out to be a bit of a transit and began with an unplanned detour up a toll road – “I think we should have taken the center lane there.”

Nevertheless it was another very enjoyable ride through ever changing scenery with  down and down, then up, up and still up, over that pass and down, down and ever down again before repeating the exercise with glacial snow on the high peaks “just there” and traffic and corners and “how did that truck get around there?”

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get any photos but between the constant haze, wrong sun angle and the high possibility of getting run over if we stopped where we could have, it was a futile effort.

The plan was to ride Stelvio Pass first thing in the morning on the morrow. We arrived at Bormio mid afternoon amid the press of what appeared to be ever increasing traffic. We checked into our apartment, had a rest and wandered down to a local superette for some groceries where we ran into 3 Brit bikers who’d just ridden the pass ‘because it was going to be closed tomorrow owing to it being closed for 10 thousand cyclists’. Oops!

So on with my gear and away I went. OK, there’s heaps of these sorts of roads in Europe but this one is the highest paved mountain pass, at 2757m, in the eastern alps and the second highest in all the alps by a mere 45m. It certainly carries a mystique and everyone wants to ride it.

I rode the 27 hairpins of the southern side, there’s 48 on the other side, and arrived at the top along with what seemed like half the biker fraternity  of Europe. My AUS registered and individualized DAREV plate gained a fair amount of attention so I spent an enjoyable hour chatting before getting the photo, buying the sticker and doing the run back down which was alot more fun because there was hardly anyone coming up at 7pm. I’m hoping I can get some new brake pads soon.

Tick that one off. Not sure that I have a bucket list but there are some things that are good to do. Not a bad day. 325klms.

Day 27 Bormio - Stelvio 325k

Today was an easy run down to the lake district.

Day 28 Lake Como 125k


3 thoughts on “Days 40 & 41 – To Stelvio Pass and Lakes District”

  1. Great trip still Guys, I stayed in Bormio skiing a week before Rhian was born! A bit close that one! Quite an old town but not very pretty as I remember- but it was covered in snow. Keep the news coming. We are in the Isle Of Wight in the boat for a few days then I leave for France on Friday with the lads on the bike. Catch you soon.

    Phil Gabriel

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