Days 46 & 47 – Mandello to SanRemo

Our Passports arrived today. After much “This isn’t the Italian way”, the post office officials allowed us to take personal delivery and miss out the middleman/postman who could have taken goodness knows how long to deliver them to our hotel’s address πŸ™‚ Snapped these two lovely Guzzi Ladies on our way home. Help me here someone – Year, Model etc??


We packed up and visited the Guzzi Gates where we ran into Andy Hawkes, part of the MGCoV contingent. He snapped our photo and we were on our way.

We cheated by taking the freeway to just south of Milan, we’d have been crazy not to. Hopped off onto the C Roads and pulled into here for our morning tea. Just so happened to be a bit Guzzi mad. Big Twins Cafe – got the sticker too πŸ™‚


And so onward and southward to lure of the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. We stopped the night just west of Genoa, nice swimming pool and great breakfast, and continued on to San Remo hugging the coast road. 124k in 6 hours is slow going in constant traffic on an air cooled dry clutch motorcycle in 32c temps.

Dayt 29 - 30 Mandello 2 SanRemo 360k

San Remo is possibly past its glory days but still a very nice place to stay for a layday. Lay on the beach, pebbles/rocks of course, on our hired beach chairs and under our hired beach umbrella,

and watched these beauties competing in the 15mt Class Schooner cup. The main (aft) boom on this one is 25 meters long and some 40 cm across, that’s big. They were a bit far away but looked spectacularly under full topsail rigs. Rich men’s toys.

Vacated the beach in the arvo and wandered around town taking in the sights and enjoying the local culture up the back alleys.

This is Saturday 3rd September and nearly to the end of our 7th week on the road and all is well.


2 thoughts on “Days 46 & 47 – Mandello to SanRemo”

  1. Hi Larry and Norma, lots to love in this post. Boats, bikes and beaches …. touches all the bases for me😊. The high temps in slow traffic on a air cooled bike is bloody awful as I can attest from riding the Silver Bullet in similar conditions. She used to snatch the flywheel and you constantly had to ride the clutch. πŸ˜•
    Fantastic voyage, great pics loving it all.

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