Days 73 to 76 – Treignac to Dinan

Days 73 & 74 – Treignac


Well if we were looking for a quiet place to spend a couple of days there’s no place quieter than Treignac. When I say nothing was happening, believe me, nothing was happening. It wasn’t a small place either; tidy, immaculate, quaint and lovely, but dead as.

But owing to our tyre troubles we were here for the duration which happened to be until Tuesday because nothing happens in France until Tuesday when we sourced a new set of Metzeler Tourance Next tyres for 2/3 of what they’d cost in Australia. Under the circumstances we’d managed to score a pretty good place to stay with a French born English speaking lady who’d married a South African guy. She was a big help speaking to the French businesses re the tyres although I sorted it myself in the end.

Day 75 – Treignac to Poitiers


So it’s Tuesday September 27th and the shops are open. Who’s the first likely tyre fitter/supplier open? Google maps is an amazing source of information. The BMW dealership in Limoges opened at 9am so they got my business – everyone else opens at 10am. So three inflations, 140 klms, E275.00 and 4 hours later I’m back in Treignac where Norma’s got everything packed and we’re on the road again. Woohoo.

Destination is Poitiers via a place called Oradour-sur-Glane where, on June 10 1944, a German SS Company entered the village and massacred the entire population of some 647 men, women and children. The men were machine gunned down then burned in a local barn. The women and children were locked in the local church and burned alive if they stayed inside or machine gunned if they tried to escape. The town was never rebuilt and stands today as a tribute to the horrors of war. Not that anyone’s learnt anything judging by what’s still happening around the world today – and I mean today.

We continued on to Poitiers enjoying what Norma called ‘a spirited ride’ on new tyres through back country roads and lanes. Well I certainly enjoyed it 🙂 We’d started late and I had to make up time didn’t I?

We arrived in Poitiers around 6pm. Our digs were right in the center of town and right next door to The Australian Pub which partied hard until 2am. Well what do you expect from a major University town.

For me it had been a decent day’s input of 365 klms all up.


Day 76 – Poitiers to Dinan


We were up early and out of Poitiers after breakfast by 8.30am headed for Dinan.

Nothing special about today’s ride. Just the usual endless small villages with their usual enormous church/es. Except of course for our lunch stop where we happened across a delightful patisserie which seduced us with it’s even more delightful pastry type cakey type thing that Norma insisted we have two of – so we did 🙂

Our destination was Dinan. Look it up here:

A typical medieval hilltop fortress town with intact city walls and river village well below, connected by steep cobblestoned streets bordered by ancient house/businesses. A truly lovely place to visit.

After quite a long day of 350 klms we enjoyed our walk around the old town with pizza for dinner.


We travel on.


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