Days 81 to 83 – Paris In Autumn

Paris in Autumn is always a good idea so they told us – and they’re right.

Monday we left Honfleur on a cool, read 4c, but cloudless sunny day and headed for Paris taking the ultra back roads through wooded areas and farmlands.

It was COLD and our conversation was something like this: ‘See any tables and chairs?’ ‘No, no coffee in this town’. We finally found a decent sized town that was awake that had a bar with a sun facing window. Bliss. It also had a fountain in the middle of the intersection that this truck and trailer combo had all sorts of trouble getting around. In fact once it had gone through we could see that it damaged the wall of the fountain.

Onward through now flat country, then followed the Seine River


into Paris. Had to take this photo op.


Our hotel was in Montmartre and the traffic was bad to the point where the bike’s oil temp showed 160c by the time we got there and it wasn’t a hot day.

Tuesday was an opportunity to work off the side effects of the traditional French breakfasts of breads and coffee with an 8km walk through some of the sights of Paris. To start our journey we caught the incredibly effective Metro to Le Bon Marche, apparently the world’s first department store. And it is impressive.


There’s something about the Europeans and their public toilets. Be warned girls, this is yours. Enjoy.


However there are many impressive buildings and endless monuments to see as you walk through Paris.

From Le Bon Marche to Les Invalides and on to the Eiffel Tower – of course – which can be seen from everywhere.

Then to the Trocadero and followed the Seine to the Grand Palace and the Tuileries Garden.

That was enough for sore feet for the day. In the evening we climbed the hill behind Montmartre to Sacre-Coeur and enjoyed these magnificent sights over Paris in the evening.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we started our walk from Notre Dame. The queues were loonngg so we didn’t venture inside. But it’s impressive from the outside.

Bought the sticker and moved on past Pont des Arts

to the Louvre

Once again the queues were ridiculous.


But, once again, it’s an impressive structure.


From here it’s a straight line to the Arc de Triomphe via Tuileries Garden and the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. It’s also quite a walk – 2 miles.

We paid our money and climbed to the top which is no mean feat for oldies like us. Have I used the word ‘impressive’ well the views from up here are just that.

Today is Thursday and our last day in Paris. We spent it in the Montmartre area wandering the small streets, sitting in the sun at a cafe drinking coffee and doing this blog, partaking of the ‘sandwich & crepe’ for lunch, wondering at the heavy security presence in the area, sending postcards to loved ones (if you didn’t get yours blame it on La Poste)  and buying presents for our grand kids. Tonight I think we’ll buy a little wine and a french stick and sit on the steps of the Sacre-Coeur church and watch the sun go down. We’ll reminisce on our amazing journey and be thankful for the opportunity to fulfill the dream.

Tomorrow we begin the last 7 days – 4 riding days – before re-crating our bike in Rotterdam and heading for England to visit my sister Jill and husband Phil.



2 thoughts on “Days 81 to 83 – Paris In Autumn”

  1. You both look so relaxed and Norma you look radiant. Such a wonderful trip and so deserved…..just one thing a bit less of the “oldies” stuff. Mum is the only one who could legitimately use that word and I bet she doesn’t. HaHa xxx


  2. Haha. Well we didn’t stop which is more than can be said for most on the way up. Love your comment Di.


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