Days 30 to 33 – Christchurch to Auckland

Day 30 – Thursday 10/4
Caught a shuttle out to the Airport and picked up the Motorhome that we’re relocating to Auckland. A 6 berth VW. Drove into town and picked up all our gear and north at 10.30am.
We pretty much just kept driving and stopped at Kiakora for lunch. There was snow on the nearby peaks:

There is some spectacular scenery along this whole coastline. Headed for Blenhiem where we spent the night with my cousin again.

Day 31 – Friday 11/4
Headed for Picton and caught the ferry over Cook Strait to Wellington. It was a calm crossing which suited everyone but me: I wanted to see green water coming over the bow 🙂
It was 5pm before we got off the boat and headed north. Passed this Moto Guzzi powered 3 wheeler on the way out of town.

We drove 200klms to Wanganui and stopped for the night in the RSA carpark.

Day 32 – Saturday 12/4
Drove around Wanganui and had look at some of the heritage sights before driving NW to Hawea then North and East around Mt Egmont/Taranaki which we drove up. Norma loved the sheep and cattle:


Kept going through New Plymouth and up the west coast. The weather remained perfect and the scenery was great.
Inland to Te Kuiti then out to the coast again at Kawhia and Raglan where we parked at a POP at the local Club. We watched 2 games of Super14 Rugby. ACT Brumbies beat the Auckland Blues much to the disgust of everyone except me 🙂
This was a very long day for us. In Aus I’d drive 520klms before morning tea if we were travelling like this, but over here it was an 8 hour day of solid driving.

Day 33 – Sunday 13/4 Final Day
Left Raglan early and drove backroads out to Huntly then up the highway to Auckland. Just a drive. We washed the motorhome and filled it with fuel and gas etc. Before going to Pakuranga where we had a family lunch at my sister’s place. A fitting end to a wonderful trip.
It started raining as we got into Auckland. We had the most amazing weather for our whole trip; only 3 days of rain and 2 of those were where we wanted it to rain. Almost like God was smiling on us, which I’m sure He was.

We have had a truly wonderful time which we are so thankful for, its like everything was layed on just for us. It’s now Monday 14/4 at my Mum’s place and the weather has set in to rain for the next 4 days but we’re not complaining. We’re going up to Whangarei to visit Hugh and Anne today.

Home to Aus on Thursday.

Chow and God Bless you, and thanks for reading all this.


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